Nutritional ancient grains as staple foods

Consumption of a diversity of grains does not only favour health, but also helps the environment and promotes sustainable ecosystems.

Up to three-fold uptake of minerals

By lowering the phytate the uptake of iron, zinc and other minerals drastically can increase, if the person is in need of it.

The fight against hidden hunger

Over 2 billion people across the world are suffering from mineral- and vitamin deficiency due to nutrient-poor staple foods.

Bring the spring to the seed

To revive a grain is a hydrothermal method that has been developed from reliable techniques that dates back several thousand years.

A new version of whole grains

Ancient grains have been cultivated and consumed by people through millennials, but forgotten in just a few centuries. Even the methods on how we prepare and treat our grains, have been lost in just a few generations.

Based on old traditions and with modern techniques Hidden in Grains (HiG) have developed new and flavourful whole grain products. A new version of whole grains that is both rich in fibres and filled with biologically available minerals – Whole Grains 2.0.

Our beloved bread

– For the good taste, health and the environment. A newly published book where farmers, millers, bakers, scientists, HiG and others, tell their stories and give tips on ancient grains. You’ll find more great books here.


We are working to get started with the manufacturing and sale of products. Today we cooperate with Warbro Mill (Warbro Kvarn) and Saltå Mill (Saltå Kvarn) and also have a small pilot facility. Follow us on Facebook and try to revive grains yourself.


We are looking for more collaboration in production of hydrothermally treated grains and the development of new exciting products. Feel free to contact us or read more here.